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Stopping smoking on your own can be difficult but with the help of our service, Paul was able to get the support he needed to change his life for his new-born son and family.  

Paul had tried to stop smoking a number of times but found himself slipping back into old habits. Everybody has different reasons for stopping smoking, for Paul, he wanted to improve his overall health, save money and set an example for his son “you’ve got a much greater chance of success of doing it with a service”.

Paul has now reached his 4-week quit – “I hadn’t fully realised that it was 4 weeks, it’s gone really quickly”.

Paul was missing out on special moments with his son Leo and had to rely on others to take care of him when he went outside to smoke. Now Paul gets more time with Leo and has a smoke free and healthier home. “I think he’s (Leo) noticed that and I don’t have to interrupt any activities that we’re doing”.  

Stop smoking aids can be extremely expensive making them a big challenge for somebody wanting to achieve their goal. Thanks to the service Paul was able to receive discounted stop smoking aids that have supported him to get to his 4-week quit.

Watch the video at the top of this page to hear Paul’s story

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