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Nadia (aged 47) knew that to be able to take care of her dad, she needed to take care of herself.

When Sue’s mum sadly passed away a couple of years ago, she moved to a new house on the same street as her dad (84).

Over the years, her dad’s mobility has decreased, stopping him from completing daily tasks such as walking to the shop or cash point. Nadia works as a cleaner and the hours are varied giving her time throughout the day to visit her dad and support him with day-to-day tasks and keep him company.

Nadia was finding that she had very little time for herself but would take half an hour to relax on the couch after her day. She has struggled with her weight over the years and when her mum passed away, she found that she put on a lot of weight. This started to affect her mobility, her job, everyday tasks and caring for her dad. She said she

was “getting to the point where people were having to help me”. Nada knew that she needed to improve her overall health. If her mobility decreased any further, she would need a care service to support her dad.

Nadia’s GP recommended she join the Healthy Lifestyles Service to get FREE support to lose weight. Nadia has been working 1-to-1 with a Healthy Lifestyles coach to make small changes to her diet and gradually increase the walking she can fit into her day.

Nadia has since lost over three stone and her mobility and confidence have improved massively!